Bait Buckets & Aerators

  • Blue

    Lee Fisher

    Joy Fish Heavy Duty Fish Basket - Blue

    Joy Fish high quality, commercial grade, durable plastic storage basket with two reinforced handles. Dimension: 19"D x 17"H Capacity: 40 lb., Used for carrying fish, ice, shrimp, cast nets, or anything else you don't want to sit in a wet bucket. Colors:...

  • Marine Metal 110 Air Dual      A-2

    Marine Metal

    Marine Metal 110 Air Dual A-2

    Powerful / inexpensive system operates on 110 volt household current. Great for keeping fish indefinitely. Complete system with pump, airline tubing and weighted airstone. Rubber base mount - very quiet. Fresh or salt water. 1 year warranty. Produces 99...

  • Cool Bubbles Air Pump  11Qt Insulated Pail

    Marine Metal

    Cool Bubbles Air Pump 11Qt Insulated Pail

    Self contained 11-1/2 quart insulated pail. Maintains constant water temperature and proper aeration. Runs 100 hours on a pair of D cell alkaline batteries. Waterproof. 1/2 styrofoam shell removes for quick cleaning. Insulated hinged door. light to carry...

  • Rapala Floating Aerator


    Rapala Floating Aerator

    The Rapala Floating Aerator is water activated, so it starts kicking when it hits the water. Provides a sleek, modern design and offers a compact size in conjuction with big time operation. This Floating Aerator gently mixes air into water, keeping bait...