Survival & Outdoor

  • Major Surplus

    Mre's "the Basic"

    Quality control is the highest priority! Never too salty or spicy, you add your own salt, pepper to taste. Each Full Case contains a variety of different entrées, crackers, snack items, beverage powder and condiments to create the most convenient...

  • Nite-ize

    G-Series SlideLock - Stainless

    Lock down your keys and gear for the long haul with the G-Series SlideLock carabiner. Featuring the novel G-Series design customers know and love, this carabiner is comprised of two distinct chambers connected by a spring gate, allowing you to clip items...

    $14.24 - $14.63
  • Figure 9 Reflective Tent Line Kit


    Figure 9 Reflective Tent Line Kit

    This ingenious, lightweight, plastic set of four award-winning Figure 9 rope tighteners makes tent set-up a snap. The Figure 9's provide easy tension and secure adjustment without tying a single knot. Just pull your lines tight and keep them that way the...

  • Weather Cover Shelter/rain Fly

    5ive Star Gear

    Weather Cover Shelter/rain Fly

    The 5ive Star Gear Weather Cover Rain Fly Shelter is an outdoor essential and is perfect for campers, backpackers and hunters alike. The large fly provides shelter from the rain and shade from the sun, protecting you, a hammock and all your outdoor gear...

  • Gi Lensatic Compass

    5ive Star Gear

    Gi Lensatic Compass

    This Cammenga GI Lensatic Compass is for those who prefer a more cost-effective means of navigating terrain, in a phosphorescent lensatic compass option. This compass is essentially the same trustworthy model supplied to the U.S. Military. The only...

  • Humvee Compass - Military Style


    Humvee Compass - Military Style

    This compass is a military-style compass that comes with a metal case. Humvee has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Humvee gear is modeled after equipment that is depended on in the rigors of battle. These products are designed to...

  • White


    Inert Trigger Top Spray

    The SABRE Inert, 1.8 oz., MK-2 Trigger Top Cone deploys six (6) full one (1) second bursts at a range of 8 to 10 feet (2.5 to 3 m). SABRE inert training sprays deploy just like active sprays yet are designed specifically for training utilizing an...

  • Sabre

    Ruger Tactical Stun Gun W/ Led Flashlight

    Stay safe on the go with the Ruger Stun Gun and Flashlight. With a 1.460 Microcoulombs charge, this stun gun is powerful, producing 'intolerable pain' and empowering you with extreme stopping power when you need it most. The 120-lumen LED flashlight has...

  • Red ''N'' Tacky Grease - KRLUC-10574

    Lucas Oil

    Red ''N'' Tacky Grease - KRLUC-10574

    Lucas Red N Tacky Grease is a smooth, tacky, red lithium complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors. It has good water resistance and washout properties. It has excellent mechanical stability and storage life. It is able to withstand...

  • Inert Mk-iii Training Spray - KRMS-3992


    Inert Mk-iii Training Spray - KRMS-3992

    The TakeDown line of personal defense sprays maintains the 40 year tradition of high-quality law enforcement products manufactured by Mace. Practice makes perfect, and Mace is committed to supporting law enforcement training with quality personal defense...

  • Camping Hammock All-in-one Kit

    5ive Star Gear

    Camping Hammock All-in-one Kit

    When it comes to comfort in the outdoors, this 5ive Star Gear Camping Hammock All-In-One Kit is all you will need. The hammock is constructed with a no seam single body construction that puts emphasis on comfort and can be packed up in seconds with...

  • Hipclip Universal Pocket Clip


    Hipclip Universal Pocket Clip

    Made of lightweight yet durable stainless steel, the HipClip is a simple, sturdy spring-tension clip that comes backed with a thin strip of 3M VHB adhesive. Stick to to the back of your phone, multi tool, or virtually any lightweight item with a smooth...

  • Gator Machete W/ Nylon Sheath

    Gerber Gear

    Gator Machete W/ Nylon Sheath

    Built just as tough but shorter and more packable, this version keeps the same dual blade. Perfect for back-country travel, the fine edge tackles brush and vines while the saw cuts limbs and small trees. The Gator Grip keeps tasks comfortable and...