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  • Marine Grease

    Lucas Oil

    Marine Grease

    Lucas Marine Grease is a premium, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, heavy duty OBCS grease containing unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers with inherent rust and oxidation resistance to provide the highest performance properties. It has been...

  • Gear Tie Propack 12 - 12 Pack - Black


    Gear Tie Propack 12 - 12 Pack - Black

    The Gear Tie ProPack makes tackling multiple wrapping, hanging, or looping jobs a breeze. With their sturdy, colorful exteriors and strong, bendable wire interiors, each gear tie secures, hangs, or neatens even the most unruly objects with a quick...

  • Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit

    Birchwood Casey

    Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit

    Specific tasks demand specific tools and that's why we brought you the Birchwood Casey Weekender. Featuring 27 professional gunsmith selected tools, the Weekender has everything the at-home gunsmith needs to perform a multitude of tasks and projects on...

  • Ration - KRKK-1140X


    Ration - KRKK-1140X

    If you camp, backpack, hike, or hunt, you know you need this. If you have to grab lunch between classes, you know you need this. If you eat lunch at your desk, you really know you need this. Of course, the Kershaw Ration spoon-and-fork tool is compact...

  • Pepper Gun Nylon Holster


    Pepper Gun Nylon Holster

    The Mace Pepper Gun Nylon Holster is for use with the Mace brand pepper gun, the most accurate non-lethal self defense spray available. This sturdy holster is molded for a custom fit and features a snap closure and belt loop.

  • Cutlass Machete


    Cutlass Machete

    Perfect for chopping down weeds, clearing a camp site or cutting small limbs and tree branches. Sold with a Leather/Cordura sheath.

  • Dexi-Task - Disposable - LA049/L


    Dexi-Task - Disposable - LA049/L

    Nitrile disposable gloves. Nitrile formulation does not contain latex proteins that could cause allergic reactions. Nitrile provides excellent puncture and tear resistance. Complyis with USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR, for use in food processing. AQL 1...

  • Ka-bar Sharpener


    Ka-bar Sharpener

    The 9926 KA-BAR Sharpener is a portable sharpening tool that is small enough to carry in your pocket.  Made in the USA with Creamid and carbide inserts, the Sharpener has an overall length of 6.375” and a weight of 0.15 lb.  Sharpens knives at an angle...

  • Clear


    Eddy+ Bottle w/ Tritan Renew

    It just keeps getting better - the classic everyday Eddy+ bottle is now made with Tritan Renew plastic, a 50% recycled material. The drink-through straw is spill-proof when open and leak-proof when closed. Includes a comfortable carry handle and is odor...

  • SAE 15W-40 Magnum CK-4 Diesel Oil

    Lucas Oil

    SAE 15W-40 Magnum CK-4 Diesel Oil

    Lucas CK-4 is a premium Heavy Duty Motor Oil blended with high quality API Group II and Group Ill base oils and a cutting-edge additive package providing the robust performance required by modern diesel engines while assuring good fuel economy.

  • Ranger Pace Counter

    5ive Star Gear

    Ranger Pace Counter

    Pace counters are a must for any outdoor land navigation to count distance walked. They are accurate day or night and can track up to 5,000 meters (3.1 miles) of recorded distance with no mechanical parts that can fail in the elements. It will help to...

  • White/Gray

    Pelican Products

    Elite Cooler

    Pelican Products, Inc. has protected defense, emergency and scientific expedition equipment through some of the harshest conditions on Earth since 1976. This same DNA is now available to you in Pelican Elite Coolers.When it comes to durability,...

    $199.95 - $389.95
  • 3-color Camo Compact

    5ive Star Gear

    3-color Camo Compact

    Blend into your surroundings with our 5ive Star Gear 3-Color Camo Compact makeup kit. The make-up is hypo-allergenic and won't dry, crack, or come off with rain or perspiration, yet removes easily with makeup remover pads or soap and water. This...