Bow Vices

  • Ram Micro Adjusting Bow Vise


    Ram Micro Adjusting Bow Vise

    This heavy duty bow vise mounts to any table or work bench. Allows bow to swivel 360 degrees and the bow can also turn 90 degrees to the bench so you can work on either side of the bow. Vertical and horizontal movement is micro-adjustable. Heavy duty...

  • Rs Bow Vise Kit W/arrow And String Level

    Rs Bowvise

    Rs Bow Vise Kit W/arrow And String Level

    This bow vise has the flexibility of tipping forward or side to side, with the ability to lock in at any angle. Features a micro-adjust knob for alignment of nock and sight. Allows for hands free mounting of all accessories. Use with Nok-EZ arrow and...

  • Htm Quick Clamp Works W/ Bow Vise & 3rd Axis Vise


    Htm Quick Clamp Works W/ Bow Vise & 3rd Axis Vise

    The QC-2020 is solely designed for both bow vises, the HTM 3rd Axis bow vise and the new HTM BVS-2020 Vise. This clamp gives you a 3 3/8” limpades. It will attach to the limbs of any bow quickly thus ensuring no harm comes to the bow. The quick clamp is...

  • Htm Standard Bow Vise


    Htm Standard Bow Vise

    This vise will rotate your bow 360 degrees and has an unforgiving lock-down with no creep. This feature allows you to position a bow at any angle. Additionally, the BVS-2020 offers a ¾” steel shaft bow holder mounted in oil lite bearings that never bind...

  • Htm 3rd Axis Bow Vise


    Htm 3rd Axis Bow Vise

    The HTM Precision Bow Vise is used for setting up bows, specifically for shooting uphill or downhill. The up and downhill is the 3rd axis setting on your site. The HTM Bow Vise has a built-in leveling device. Once attached to a permanent structure, the...

  • Last Chance Ez Vise

    Last Chance

    Last Chance Ez Vise

    The EZ Vise is designed for quick and easy operation. Made to adjust, move and lock into any position possible. Used to be your 3rd hand to hold your bow while you setup different parts on your bows setup.Features:Locks into any position possibleQuick...